How do I fix the Microsoft Office installation stuck?

Nobody is unaware of the features and functionalities offered by Microsoft Office and there is hardly any office space where you won’t find a version of Office installed on users’ devices. However, sometimes, things don’t seem to go as expected and becomes a cause of hurdle for the users. And, Office installation is no exception. In the recent past, many users complained that their Microsoft Office installation stuck at a level and won’t proceed further.

Microsoft Office installation stuck

This particular state during Microsoft Office installation can arise on any PC be it Windows or Mac. But, there is nothing to worry about if you are also facing any such problem. Therefore, in this article, we will unfold the mystery behind it and also try to resolve it as fast as possible.

Reasons why Office 365 won’t install?

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Files from the failed installation of Office
  • Any similar program already available on your device
  • Device or product incompatibility
  • You are using a VPN/Antivirus

If these are some of the reasons why you are facing this issue with your Office installation that you must fix Office 365, Office 2016, or Office 2013 install stuck (hangs or freezes) immediately.

Fix Microsoft Office installation stuck in Windows 10

There are several methods you can try in order to get away with this trouble and some of the tried and tested solutions are listed below. You may try these solutions one-by-one and see if it helps.

Method 1- Cancel and reinstall Office

Try this if Office fails to install and is stuck at 0%, 2%, 3%, 51$, 76%, 89%, 90%, or 99% since this probably happens when Microsoft Installer is busy.

  1. Press ctrl+alt+delete and select Task Manager.
  2. Then, click on the ‘Processes’ tab.
  • Here, locate ‘Windows Update Standalone Installer’ (wusa.exe).
  1. If it is not there, it means that the update has been completed.
  2. After that, you can reinstall Office via again.

Method 2- Restart your PC

This is one of the simplest yet most helpful things to try if you ever face such a situation. All you need to do is restart your PC and see if Office is installed or not. This generally happens when you need to troubleshoot Office is installing in the background stuck.

Method 3- switch to a wired connection

In case you get to find out that your Office installation is stuck due to the poor or unstable internet connection, then you must try this step to avoid hurdles during the installation. Switching to a wired connection will make ensure that there are fewer chances of losing network connectivity during the installation process.

Method 4- use Offline installer

If you are still facing issues with your internet or you do not know what is troubling you, then you must use an offline installer to install Office on your device. This helps in bypassing proxy antivirus, or firewall if there is any.

Method 5- temporarily disable antivirus

This is an age-old as well as a tested method to get rid of certain installation issues whether it is with Microsoft Office or any other software.

Things to try if Microsoft Office installer stuck Mac

  1. Allow apps to download from any source by configuring the ‘System Preferences’
  2. Turn off certificate validations, if enabled
  3. Restart your device and reinstall Office

The methods given above are more than enough to resolve any issue with your device. However, if you still experience any such difficulty again, then you must go through other articles dedicated to resolving this issue.

Things you may want to know

Why is Office 365 taking so long to install?

If you are trying to install Office 365 and it is taking too long to install, then probably it is a problem with the internet connectivity as you might be running on a slow network connection. Apart from this, the active antivirus or firewall might be causing restrictions in the installation process.

How to fix Office 365 installation?

  • Open the ‘Control Panel’.
  • Select ‘Programs and Features’.
  • Go to the ‘Uninstall or change a program’ window.
  • In the list locate and click on Office 365.
  • Then, tap on the ‘Change’ option.
  • Further, select ‘Online Repair’.

How do I cancel Office 365 installation?

To cancel an ongoing installation of Office, you need to press the Ctrl+alt+delete keys together on the keyboard. Then, you have to select ‘Task Manager’ and go to the ‘Processes’ tab. Here, you need to select the ongoing installation of Office 365 and click on ‘End Task’.

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