What is the significance of Microsoft Office button?

At times, you might have heard somebody speaking about the Microsoft Office button but you do not know what they are speaking about. Well, in this article, you will get a clear about the Microsoft button, what is, what are its functions, and where it is located.

Microsoft Office button

What is the Microsoft office button?

The said button is introduced with Microsoft Office 2007. The button can be found as a feature in the new Ribbon. You may usually find this button present in the top-left corner of Microsoft Office programs. You may find it in apps such as Word, Excel, and others. So, when you click on this button you will come across certain options which can be further expanded to explore more options for customization.

Menu functions of Microsoft Office button

When you click on the MS Office button, you see a complete list of options which includes Save, Print, New, Open, Prepare, Send, Publish, etc. These options are explained below further:

  • New- when you click on this option, you can choose to create a blank Word document, Excel spreadsheet, new slide, etc.
  • Open- this option helps you to open a file that is already present on your PC.
  • Save- upon tapping on this option, you will be able to save the file that is currently open on your screen.
  • Save As- the save as option allows you to change the name of the existing file. Also, you may save it to another desired location.
  • Print- this option allows you to get the hard copy of the desired file that you have currently opened.
  • Close- the said option allows you to close the currently opened file.
  • Share- if you wish to send the desired file to others, then simply click on the ‘Share’ option to do so.
  • Options- if you wish to customize the settings for certain files or programs, then you may click on this option.

Where is the office button located in Microsoft word 2016, 17 or 19 in Mac?

Unfortunately, the Microsoft Office button was only available in the Microsoft Office 2007 version. The Office versions which came later to this one did not have this button. The Office button in the later versions was replaced by the ‘File’ tab. If you are using Microsoft Office version other than Office 2007, then you may download this version by navigating to office.com/setup.

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